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How Can Health & Safety Training Benefit My Business?

Why is health & safety training important?

Training sessions afford your team with the skills to get their jobs done safely and more efficiently.

Productivity is a fundamental component to a successful business, and staff that feel comfortable and safe in their environment have been proven to possess higher productivity levels.

By investing time and money into training for your employees, it shows you value them, which in turn, can improve loyalty and staff retention, saving your business money in staff turnovers.

How can it benefit the company & my team?

Training is a great way for your team to develop new skills, increase their productivity and motivation and ultimately increase their contributions to your business.

A recent survey showed that 40% of employees leave their job in the first year if they don’t receive adequate training; whereas employees that do receive health & safety training and e learning are more likely to stay and progress within the company.

Businesses that do have good employee benefits often attract the best candidates, meaning better quality staff for your business.

What training should I provide to my staff?

Online Induction Systems are a great tool for Health & Safety training. These systems can be used by staff, site visitors and contractors alike anytime, anywhere and helps create a basis for further development training / e learning.

Our Induction and Training systems, are designed to link up all aspects of the Health and Safety Induction and staff development process in the simplest way possible. With features for e Learning, control of works, toolbox talks and more, we will custom build your very own bespoke branded system that will control your induction and training sessions in one place. We work directly with all of our clients to create your perfect online employee portal.

See more on why you should use Online Induction Systems and what Elearning and Induction can offer you. Find out how we can help you.

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