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Are you giving the right impression?

It’s National Careers week, but what impression are you giving your new staff?

During this week each year employers and apprenticeship schemes from across England come together to celebrate the success of apprenticeships and the importance of good careers, whilst encouraging new talent to choose their business as a pathway to a great future.

So how can you make your business stand out from the crowd?

Many companies nowadays turn to Induction Systems to create that all important first impression.

Many employers surprisingly still see induction as a waste of valuable time or solely for Health and Safety purposes. Not true… Induction is a critical process when you take on a new employee. Induction gives your new employee an objective view of your company, organisational culture, and work ethic, which will allow the employee to better integrate into your workplace.

Successful organisations enforce strict procedures within the recruitment and induction processes because a good induction programme will benefit both the company and their new employee. 

How will your business benefit from having an effective Induction system?

It’s simple; organisations using Induction Systems agree that the benefits of induction programmes are:

  • Create a positive perception of the organisation while communicating its established culture, values and goals
  • Increase the retention of new employees as they are more likely to commit to a longer term
  • Ensure operational efficiency as new employees become productive sooner
  • Ensures a happy, safe and motivated workforce

What benefits do new staff get from Induction Systems:

  • The new employee will feel welcomed and feel more comfortable in the workplace. They will also find it easier to integrate into the workplace
  • New employees will get a more professional, modern and inspired impression of your organisation
  • A good induction programme will help to build the new employee’s self-esteem, morale and sense of motivation and make them feel safe
  • An induction programme will establish good communication between you and your new staff from the very beginning

​An Induction System is an effective way of making sure that your employees are properly inducted and compliant.

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