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The Advantages of a Company TV Channel

Company TV Channel


Using Res.Digital’s new ‘Green Screen’ facility, companies both national and local are able to create professionally produced videos and even entire channels dedicated to company news and goings on. Having an online company TV channel can bring many advantages to companies and their employees, offering a platform which many people around the world use frequently to portray their business, goods and services. This could be anything from information about new products to general company news.



Many companies use their own TV channels to communicate with staff via strategically placed onsite TV screens or via the company intranet. Choosing this means of reaching the staff, in a manner we all relate to, is very effective and quickly becomes part of the company culture.

Employees who work remotely could find it difficult to gain access to information, however devices like an Amazon fire stick for example can be used to tap into the company TV channel on a daily basis.


Key suppliers could be given access to the channel, allowing them to track issues that could affect them .. reminders of site closures, alerts regarding stock control or product recalls by the organisation that could affect their own supply levels. It’s a great way of keeping abreast of developments within the organisation – such as changeovers in contacts or new product launches and stay ahead of the game.

Business Partners

Building connections with business partners shares the information in an engaging way, keeping everyone up to date and encourages recommendations for improvements in partnership relations. Companies that might benefit the organisations workforce could promote their services within the Channel .. building confidence with the staff whilst offering an income stream to the organisation for the privilege of advertising direct.


Company TV channels can be an excellent tool for marketing and customer service, building rapport whilst waiting in the reception for example and raising awareness of the full range of company products and services. This can have a beneficial effect on sales in the short and longer terms – for example in a car salesroom it could be promoting the aftersales and servicing dept, or local offers or discounts to customers.

Why some companies have their own videos circulating constantly

A continuously looping video, whether in the company reception or out on site, is a smart way of gaining attention. Waiting to join a meeting, shopping instore, or wandering through the offices of a company means , whilst full attention may not be paid to every screen, the more times the video is seen the more information is absorbed over time. The same goes for the workforce .. a regular, looped video playing throughout the site, in mess huts and elsewhere will implant the message, supporting important health and safety campaigns and beyond.

Where to get a company TV channel for a decent cost?

Res.Digital’s Chroma Key studio comes with many great features which can help to provide you and your company with professional, studio quality videos or news channels to be shown on your company TV channel.

Res.Digital will also provide ongoing professional support which includes professional, certified equipment and studio operators to help and give advice when needed with the option to book by the hour or by the day, meaning its affordable to virtually any budget.

The studio can be used for many different projects from title sequences to news segments and recording of regular training/induction videos can be created with ease with virtual reality, branded backdrops created to elevate the professional polish.

The high end large Studio runs three live cameras linking to the edit gallery where the professional production team create the video, mixing the live footage with Virtual Reality backdrops for the final polish. There’s room for recording multiple panels of up to 5 people, with scope for recording direct to camera or a Q&A session, demonstrations, e.learning and more.

There’s full facilities on site .. toilets, kitchen, air conditioning in both Studio and Gallery and free onsite parking. The Studio has an expansive LED suspended lighting grid, Wifi and Ethernet connectivity and Res.Digital’s onsite production team have got your company covered no matter what.

Cost savings to the company can be immense .. especially considering the cost of the popular Town Hall address from the CEO that could be recorded in the Studio and broadcast across the whole company set against the cost of a day’s productivity lost by pulling employees off the job for the same speech.

If you are looking to impress clients whilst engaging with your staff in a unique, friendly way then your own Company TV Channel makes perfect sense. Contact us to get booked in!


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