Hillcrest Acorn Cottage Short Film

This programme features a short online video for Acorn Cottage, a children’s home run by Hillcrest¬†and shows off the positive aspects of the home environment and the facilities available.

As a long standing client, Hillcrest have had many films produced by us over the years and 2016 saw us commissioned for three new programmes and some remakes of older ones.

An invaluable service,

Hillcrest provide homely settings for children in care and the films demonstrate this in the best possible way to future residents and carers.

Great weather resulted in great shots and some great films.

Why Online Video was suitable for Acorn Cottage.

High- impact short films are the most effective way to engage with your customers/clients. YouTube is the second biggest search engine, and videos can boost conversion rates by up to 80%. People love to share with their friends and video is the most effective way to gather social media likes/shares. Which was perfect for getting the right message across regarding Hillcrest and the hard work they do to support children.

Online habits are changing and more people than ever are watching videos on their smartphones and tablets. According to YouTube figures, mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year.

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